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Women and Policing in America: Classic and Contemporary Readings

Chapter Organization and Contents:

Chapter 1: The History of Women in Policing

  • T. Roy Leevy (1948),  “The Role of the Police Matron”  
  • Lois Higgins (1950), “Women police service” 
  • Theresa M. Melchionne (1967),  “Current Status and Problems of Women Police.”  
  • Dorothy M. Schulz  (1993), “Police women in the 1950s:  Paving the way for patrol”  
  • Dorothy M. Schulz  (1993), “From Policewoman to Police Officer:  An Unfinished Revolution” 

Chapter 2: Hiring, Training, Retention, and Promotion

  • Tim R. Sass and Jennifer L. Troyer  (1999), “Affirmative action, political representation, unions and female police employment.”   
  • Robin N. Haarr  (2005), “Factors affecting the decision of police recruits to ‘drop out’ of police work”
  • Felicia Shpritzer (1959),  “A Case for the Promotion of Policewomen in the City of New York” 
  • Carol Archbold and Kimberly D. Hassell  (2009), “Paying a Marriage Tax: An examination of the barriers to the promotion of female police officers” 

Chapter 3: The Police Role and the Acceptance of Women in Policing

  • Susan E. Martin  (1979), “Police Women and Police Women: Occupational role dilemmas and choices of female officers” 
  • Judie Gaffin Wexler (1985),  Role styles of women police officers” 
  • Susan E. Martin (1994),  “Outsider Within” the Station House: The Impact of Race and Gender on Black Women Police” 
  • Eileen Luna-Firebaugh  (2002), “Women in tribal policing: An examination of their status and experiences” 

Chapter 4 Workplace Experiences of Women in Policing

  • Hassell, Kimberly D. and Steven G. Brandl (2009),  “An examination of the workplace experiences of police patrol officers:  The role of race, sex, and sexual orientation”  
  • R. Rita Dorsey and David J. Giacopassi (1986),  “Assessing Gender Differences in the Levels of Cynicism among Police Officers” 
  • ML Dantzker and Betsy Kubin  (1998), “Job Satisfaction: The gender perspective among police officers” 
  • He, Ni, Jihong Zhao and Carol A. Archbold  (2002), “Gender and Police Stress: The convergent and divergent impact of work environment, work-family conflict and stress coping mechanisms of female and male police officers”  

Chapter 5: Police Practices: Women on Patrol 

  • P.B. Bloch and D. Anderson (1974),  “Policewomen on Patrol – Final Report”
  • Larry J Sherman (1975),  “Evaluation of Policewomen on Patrol in a Suburban Police Department”  
  • Joanne Belknap and Jill Kastens Shelley  (1992), “The new Lone Ranger:  Police Women on Patrol”  
  • Peter Hoffman and Edward Hickey  (2005), “Use of force by female police officers”  

Chapter 6: The Future of Women in Policing

  • IACP (1999), “Future of Women in Policing”  
  • Cara E. Rabe-Hemp (2008), “Survival in an ‘all boys club’: policewomen and their fight for acceptance” 
  • Dorothy M. Schulz (2003), “Women police chiefs: a statistical profile” 
  • Dorothy M. Schulz (2009), “Women Special Agents in Charge: The first generation”