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About the Book

Women and Policing in America: Classic and Contemporary Readings

Kimberly D. Hassell
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Carol A. Archbold
North Dakota State University

Dorothy Moses Schulz
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

2011. 500 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-0242-6

About the Book

First edition of a timely and thorough look at the role of women in America’s police departments, from their earliest circumscribed and specialized roles to today’s department chiefs.


  • A timely, comprehensive look at the experiences and impact of women in American policing through a careful selection of scholarly articles, reproduced in full. 
  • An almost unique  offering in the field that deals with women as criminal justice professionals rather than as victims or perpetrators.
  • The only text offering a selection of peer-reviewed articles devoted solely to women in American policing.
  • Foundational readings of central importance to understanding the role of women in modern policing,  ranging in methodology and focus from the historical to the qualitative to the quantitative in their approaches to research content and methods, assessment, and evaluation.
  • Diverse readings and succinct but informative introductions cover both long-standing and contemporary issues regarding the entire arc of the woman police officer’s career — from recruitment to retirement — as well as providing a chronological perspective on and in-depth context for understanding the historical developments affecting women in American policing from the first police matron to today’s female police chiefs. 
  • Authors who are among the most authoritative and respected in their field.
  • Accessible, comprehensive chapter introductions that set all readings in context and present conceptually challenging, engaging, and readable overviews of each topic.
  • Each chapter introduction ends with extensive lists of references and suggested additional readings and suggested problems for further research. 
  • A well developed and organized resource for a rapidly growing area of academic research, college study, and employment.