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About the Book

Women and Criminal Justice

Front Cover - Women and Criminal Justice

Marilyn D. McShane
Professor of Criminal Justice
University of Houston-Downtown

Ming-Li Hsieh
Washington State University

2014. 272 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-2809-9. 

About the Book

Women and Criminal Justice sheds lights on how gender, race, and class affect the status of women in the context of policing, courts, and corrections. Systematic and engaging, McShane and Hsieh integrate the perspectives and experiences of women who are employed in the criminal justice system, as well as those who are offenders or victims of crime. Written specifically for the undergraduate course, Women and Criminal Justice opens a window into the historical and contemporary landscape of the criminal justice system from the perspective of women. 

Broad coverage of contemporary issues of women with respect to policing, the courts, and corrections.
A methodical look at the status of women in the criminal justice system as influenced by
•case law
•public opinion
•professional organizations
High-profile cases that exemplify key points and illuminate the complex social structure of the criminal justice system.
Critical analysis of salient themes, such as gender roles and economic status, and the development of gender bias in the criminal justice system. 
An evidence-based approach, based on published empirical research and studies.
Bibliographic and Internet sources for additional research at the end of each chapter.