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About the Book

Criminal Law: Core Concepts

Front Cover - Criminal Law: Core Concepts

G. Larry Mays
Regents Professor Emeritus of Criminal Justice
New Mexico State University 

Jeremy Ball
Chair, Associate Professor
Boise State University

Laura Fidelie
Associate Professor
Midwestern State University 

Hardcover: 2014. 416 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-4127-2. 
Loose Leaf: 2014. 416 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-9137-6.

About the Book

This author team had students in mind when they wrote the book on Criminal Law. Criminal Law: Core Concepts uses examples and case excerpts that are interesting and informative, along with logically organized, plain-English discussion of the Model Penal Code. This is the basis for developing a solid understanding of criminal law concepts.

One look inside this book and you’ll notice that every page promises unobstructed learning. You’ll see an uncluttered page design, uncluttered coverage, writing uncluttered by legalese, and case excerpts uncluttered by extraneous detail. Everything in this book serves a purpose.

Criminal Law: Core Concepts features:

• A commitment to clarity, reflected in the writing style, organization, pedagogy, and design
• Shrewd case editing that hones in on salient themes and principles
• Engaging and informative examples throughout the text
• Plain English discussion of the Model Penal Code
• Timely coverage of contemporary topics, such as street crime