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About the Book

Juvenile Justice

Front Cover - Juvenile Justice

Third Edition

G. Larry Mays
New Mexico State University

L. Thomas Winfree, Jr.
New Mexico State University

2011. 460 pages. ISBN: 978-0-7355-0768-5. With Instructor's Manual,Power Point Slides, and CD-ROM with all the ancillaries included.

About the Book


  • Presents the operations of the juvenile justice system in the United States in a logical, chronological format.
  • Provides the most recent and detailed information about a broad range of topics. Deals with all the major processing points, agencies, and issues that are confronted within the contemporary juvenile justice system.
  • Tells the story of how a case progresses through the juvenile justice system. Readable, narrative format  includes the basic terms and concepts that a student needs to understand the content, along with valuable historical background
  • Each chapter begins with an interesting vignette that stimulates thinking about the content, reinforce the basic concepts, and encourage discussions.
  • Three themes are woven throughout the materials:
    • The role of theory as a tool to describe, understand, predict and control delinquency
    • How historical background for current practices can give students insights into the path that juvenile justice will follow in the future
    • The importance of globalization in a world increasingly interconnected by the Internet and social media, with international perspectives included in each chapter
  • Balanced presentation that provides insights from political science, public administration, sociology, and criminology.
  • Key terms, defined in the margins, and a comprehensive glossary help students learn and review terminology.
  • Critical thinking questions at the end of each chapter can be used for classroom discussions, small group exercises, or individual review of the material presented in the chapter.
  • Comprehensive Instructor’s Manual and Test Bank

New to the Third Edition:

  • This edition has been thoroughly revised to address the latest trends in juvenile justice, supported by the most recent data sources available.
  • Cutting-edge chapters on non-delinquent children in the juvenile justice system (dependent, neglected, and abused children) thoroughly updated.
  • Chapter on gangs has been expanded to a broader discussion of juvenile violence.