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About the Book

Criminal Evidence: From Crime Scene to Courtroom

Front Cover - Criminal Evidence: From Crime Scene to Courtroom

Derek Regensburger
Everest College

2011. 400 pages. ISBN: 9780735594746. Instructor’s Manual, Power Point Slides, CD-ROM with all the ancillaries included, interactive website, Test Bank and DVD with mock trial scenes.

About the Book

Provides an overview of the principles of evidence, instructing students in the collection, preservation, and presentation of evidence in a criminal case.


  • Practical and understandable text that tracks evidence from the time it is collected to the time it is admitted at trial.
  • Clearly organized into three sections.  The first section covers introductory matters, the second section covers all pretrial and investigation matters, and the third section covers trial matters.
  • Well-researched, easy-to-read, and accessible.   Visually attractive, with photographs and exhibits to illustrate the concepts.  Only four-color text available for this course area.
  • Evidence in Action boxes in each chapter are provided to spark classroom discussion.  These boxed features detail a trial or news item related to a concept covered in the chapter.
  • Practical examples explain concepts in a scenario-based approach
  • Review questions and application problems at the end of each chapter test students’ knowledge of the material.
  • A DVD with short mock trial scenes will also be provided to illustrate several concepts discussed in the text.