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About the Book

Cases on Criminal Procedure

Robert M. Bloom

2010. ISBN: 9780735591929. 1,100 pages. 

Instructor's Manual with Test Bank.

About the Book

Book of Supreme Court cases, carefully edited and organized, in the area of the constitutional law governing criminal procedure, written for both college students and law students. Provides analysis of current law and a historical overview of the key constitutional cases in criminal procedure, focusing on the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments and the shifting interpretations made of them by the Warren, Burger, Rehnquist, and Roberts Courts.


  • This thoughtful, carefully organized casebook offers students of criminal procedure at both the college and the law school level a thorough grounding in the constitutional underpinnings of police practice today, including responses to volatile social challenges such as the war on drugs and the response to terrorism. 
  • Each topic-based chapter provides a historical perspective on the Supreme Court’s changing approaches to that chapter’s issues over the last fifty years—from the Warren Court through the Burger, Rehnquist, and Roberts Courts—giving students a thorough and nuanced understanding of the constitutional law governing the field of criminal procedure today.
  • A broad and deep case selection provides instructors with maximum flexibility in structuring their courses and supplementing their students’ reading.
  • Succinct, accessible introductions to each chapter set out the significance of the topics and issues raised and of the readings selected to elucidate the background and current thinking on each.
  • Full voting histories provided for each case.  
  • Texts of the relevant Constitutional Amendments and Chart of Supreme Court Justices from 1930 to the present.
  • Instructor’s Manual includes test bank
  • Supporting website