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About the Book

Law for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Front Cover - Law for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Robert Sprague
Associate Professor of Business Law
University of Wyoming

2015. 480 Pages. ISBN: 9781454847724. 

About the Book

Business law text focused on critical legal issues associated with starting and managing a small or entrepreneurial business.  Offered as an eBook, with Print-on-Demand available.  In a clear and readable style and organization, Sprague emphasizes the legal issues that are common to both small and entrepreneurial businesses.

Key Features

• Organized into five parts:  First Steps, Intellectual Property, Hiring and Managing Employees, Managing the Business, and Ending the Business.
• While the organization is linear, starting with initiating operations and then focusing on running the business, the electronic format of the textbook allows Instructors to easily make connections between different parts of the book. 
• Focus throughout on critical thinking. Substantive legal principles are initially presented in a narrative format to provide students with knowledge of the basic material. After the narratives, “Critical Thinking Exercises” are presented in the form of summarized facts from cases accompanied by one or more questions requiring students to apply the relevant legal principals to the facts presented. 
• The text also includes “Featured Cases” that summarize significant rules of law and “Bottom Line” summaries of important topics.
• “Advanced” topics are available throughout the book (as hyperlinked materials in the electronic text) for instructors who want to explore some topics in more depth.
• The author uses clear and readable text, combined with case summaries, to succinctly cover the key topics in a readable and balanced presentation

Instructor materials for this title are available in an innovative e-book format that contains optional and advanced materials as well as additional analysis. Email to request a copy.

Preface / Sample Chapters