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About the Book

Using Statistics in Criminal Justice

Front Cover - Using Statistics in Criminal Justice

Rebecca K. Murray
Creighton University 

2016. 384 Pages. ISBN: 9781454852179. With Test Bank and PowerPoint Slides.

About the Book

Designed to be an accessible, readable introduction to statistics, written with the student in mind. Specifically written for criminal justice students,  the text teaches students not only how to engage in basic statistical analysis, but, more importantly, how they might use statistics in real and helpful ways. 

Key New Features
• The book is designed for students to understand that statistics is a mechanism by which we “take a picture” of the world around us.  Starts by taking students through the steps of creating a detailed and useful picture with basic descriptive statistics, then moves to  providing more detail with inferential statistics and sampling.  Finally, explains using multivariate techniques to tell a more complex story.  
• Carefully structured text provides an overview of concepts for each chapter, and explains how concepts in the book interrelate. 
• Multiple examples for each analysis
• Practice questions at the end of each chapter
• Includes a chapter for students who will find themselves working with agencies and engaging in evaluation work.