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About the Book

Sports Law: Governance and Regulation 2E

Front Cover - Sports Law: Governance and Regulation 2E

Second Edition

Matthew J. Mitten
Marquette University Law School

Timothy Davis
Wake Forest University School of Law

Rodney K. Smith 
Arizona State University

Kenneth L. Shropshire 
University of Pennsylvania 

Barbara Osborne 
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2016. 544 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-6978-8.

About the Book

The authors of the leading sports law casebook joined with two of the leaders in the sports law field to develop a problem-based sports law and governance text for undergraduate and graduate students. Sports Law: Governance and Regulation 2E is presented in the traditional law school case method style, with a unique focus on how those regulatory and governance materials can be used to solve problems in sports, from issues like “Deflategate” to the future of big-time intercollegiate athletics. Whether students are interested in careers in professional or amateur sports law, they will acquire foundational knowledge that will help them identify legal issues, minimize risk, and become a generation of problem solvers within the sports industry. Contracts, torts, agency, labor/employment, antitrust, and intellectual property law are all addressed, as well as health and safety issues and high school, college, and international/Olympic/regulatory concerns. In a world where sports has proven to be a leader, the book also addresses racial and gender equity issues in depth.

Key Features:
• Very current coverage of issues arising in youth and interscholastic sport, including health and safety concerns;
• Examination of the rapidly changing landscape of big-time intercollegiate athletics, including a full discussion of “paying intercollegiate athletes (O’Bannon case, unionization efforts, marketing issues, changes in governance under the new autonomy standards) and recent developments in health and safety issues;
• A unique section related to negotiating contracts in the sports industry, including coaches’ and players’ contracts;
• Disciplinary issues in professional sports governance (from abuse to “Deflategate”);
• The latest developments in the antitrust, intellectual property, and labor law areas that relate to professional and amateur and professional sports;
• Global issues, including discussions regarding the Olympics and professional sports at the international level;
• Racial and gender equity materials that clarify existing law and examine the role of sport in social progress; and
• Materials that present actual problems that develop the skills of students to be creative problem solvers

Preface / Sample Chapters