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About the Book

Criminological and Criminal Justice Research Methods

Wesley G. Jennings
Associate Professor
University of South Florida

Jennifer M. Reingle
Assistant Professor
University of Texas

2014. 208 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-3306-2. With Teacher's Manual, PowerPoints, Test Bank.

About the Book

Criminological and Criminal Justice Research Methods is a concise text introducing criminology and criminal justice students to the fundamental methodologies of research in the field, placing that instruction within the framework of understanding, evaluating, and applying increasingly complex approaches and skills. Real-world contexts in both the studies and applications presented render the text dynamic and relevant even to those students not intending to undertake further empirical studies or research.   

Key New Features Include:
Concisely written and structured, the text makes the material accessible and engaging 
Provides a comprehensive, carefully sequenced approach to understanding, evaluating, and conducting criminological and criminal justice research   
Makes research methodology and skills available and meaningful to those students intending to conduct their own research as well as to those seeking pragmatic, up-to-date knowledge of the developments in the field
Emphasizes ethical methods and use of research  
Actively explores the intersection of criminological theory and research methods 

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