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About the Book

Business in the Contemporary Legal Environment

Front Cover - Business in the Contemporary Legal Environment

Second Edition

Daniel V. Davidson, Radford University
Lynn M. Forsythe, California State University, Fresno

2016. 696 pages. 

Instructor’s Manual. Test Bank.

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About the Book

Business in the Contemporary Legal Environment engages students with a selection of fascinating cases that address current and relevant issues.  This well-written, comprehensive coursebook provides complete coverage of the areas typically included in a one-semester legal environment course. Written in a less formal style, the text avoids "black letter law" statements whenever possible, and uses a combination of classic and contemporary cases to clearly illustrate the law. Helpful discussion questions and hypotheticals challenge students to develop strategies for resolving legal conflicts that commonly arise in the business environment.  Well-designed exhibits throughout the book help make the concepts easier to understand. 

Business in the Contemporary Legal Environment features:

  • Complete survey of topics taught in Legal Environment courses
  • A balance of classic and contemporary cases 
  • Introductory text and discussion questions framing each case
  • An Ounce of Prevention feature that focuses on legal strategy 
  • Clear and accessible language
  • Visual aids and exhibits that elucidate legal concepts

What’s new?

  • You Decide hypothetical questions based on current events
  • New Contemporary Cases in every chapter, including
- Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
- Heller v. District of Columbia, regarding gun control
- Morris v. Brandenburg, regarding physician-assisted suicide
- Michigan v. Environmental Protection Agency, regarding the EPA’s decision that cost should not be a  factor in the decision to enact new regulations of coal- or oil-fueled electric plants
- EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch, regarding whether job applicants need to inform a prospective  employer about their religious accommodation requirements

Preface / Sample Chapters